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The following points summarize how to choose a pain reliever (analgesic):

1. choose the right active ingredient for the type of pain: Loxoprofen and ibuprofen are often suitable for headaches, and similarly for menstrual cramps. For toothache, those with sedative ingredients are recommended, and aspirin is effective for pain accompanied by fever.

2. check for drowsiness: if you have important work to do, such as driving a car, choose one that does not contain ingredients that cause drowsiness.

3. check for immediate effect: if there is a sudden pain or if you cannot rest because of work, etc., choose a product that has an immediate effect.

4. be careful with children: Since there are a limited number of ingredients that children can take, choose a product that contains acetaminophen for growing pains or headache.

5. consideration for those with weak stomachs: loxoprofen and ibuprofen may irritate the stomach and intestines, so those with weak stomachs should choose products containing antacids. 6.

6. confirm dosage: It is important to follow the dosage correctly. Avoid taking more than necessary.

7. consider seeing a doctor if the pain persists: If the pain persists, it may be due to an illness or another cause of pain, and it is recommended to see a doctor and get a diagnosis from a specialist.

Taking the above points into consideration, it is important to choose the right pain medication for your symptoms. It is also important to seek medical guidance if symptoms persist or if the pain is severe.

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