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Cold medicine

Does the more expensive one work better? Can you afford antibiotics?

When it comes to cold medicines, higher prices do not necessarily mean that they are more effective. The effectiveness of cold medicines depends on their ingredients. It is important to choose a cold medicine with the right ingredients for your symptoms. We recommend that you check the ingredients carefully, rather than the price or packaging.

Also, oral antibiotics are not available over the counter. Antibiotics are not effective against viral colds, only against bacterial infections. Therefore, a prescription from a physician is required to use antibiotics. Do not purchase and use antibiotics at your own discretion.

Over-the-counter cold remedies are available at drugstores, online retailers, convenience stores, and Don Quijote. To choose the best cold medicine, check the following points

1. choose the right ingredients for your symptoms.
2. if you drive, choose ingredients that do not make you drowsy.
3. choose medicine in a form that is easy to swallow.
4. choose a medicine in a form that is easy to take.
5. if you cannot take it in time, choose a medicine that is easy to take.

If time is limited, choose a medicine that requires fewer doses.

When giving cold medicine to children, be sure to choose the appropriate medicine, paying attention to age and dosage. It is also important to consult a pharmacist or doctor for any necessary information or advice.

Product image pharmaceutical company administration
Min. Sales Volume
(Yen, w/o tax)
Guaifenesin Dihydrocodeine phosphate dl-Methylephedrine hydrochloride Acetaminophen Chlorpheniramine maleate Anhydrous caffeine Riboflavin.
(Vitamin B2).
ibuprofen L-Carbocysteine Ambroxol hydrochloride Dextromethorphan hydrobromide hydrate Hesperidin Glycyrrhiza extract Shoukyou powder clemastine fumarate belladonna total alkaloid bromhexine hydrochloride tranexamic acid Tipepidine Hibenzate Thiamine nitrate (vitamin B1) Riboflavin
(vitamin B2)
pseudoephidrene hydrochloride salicylamide Promethazine methylenedi-salicylate noscapine potassium guaiacol sulfonate Benfotiamine (Vitamin B1 derivative) Isopropylantipyrine
大正製薬 パブロンゴールドA 微粒 1枚目

Softens phlegm, for easy expectoration. Cough suppression. Expands bronchial tubes and suppresses cough. Reduces fever and relieves headache and joint pain. Suppresses runny nose, congestion, and sneezing. Eases headaches. Suppresses runny nose and sneezing. Relieves sore throat, fever, headache, joint pain, and muscle aches. Normalization of airway mucosa and mucus For easy expectoration. antitussive and reduces phlegm Supplement vitamins. Cough suppressant, dephlegmatic, anti-inflammatory Promotes perspiration and lowers fever. Suppresses runny nose and sneezing. Suppresses runny nose. expectorant Suppresses plasmin, anti-inflammatory effect on the throat Cough suppressant and phlegm remover Supplement vitamins. Supplement vitamins. sympathetic excitement antipyretic and analgesic Relieve runny nose, nasal congestion, and sneezing antitussive expectoration restoration of vitality Reduces fever and relieves sore throat, headache, and joint pain.
Pabron A (fine granules)
Taisho 1 packet
3 times a day
210 3,025 43.2 180mg 24mg 60mg 900mg 7.5mg 75mg 12mg
Pabron Gold A (tablet)
Taisho 3 tablets
3 times a day
130 2,057 47.5 180mg 24mg 60mg 900mg 7.5mg 75mg 12mg
Pabron Ace Pro Tablets
Taisho 3 tablets
3 times a day
18 1,518 253.0 24mg 60mg 7.5mg 12mg 600mg 750mg 45mg
Pabron S Gold W Tablet
Taisho 3 tablets
3 times a day
30 1,540 154.0 24mg 900mg 7.5mg 12mg 750mg 45mg
Estac general cold
S.S. 3 tablets
3 times a day
100 1,247 37.4 60mg 900mg 7.5mg 75mg 48mg 45mg 187.5mg 150mg
New Lulu A Gold DX Alpha
Daiichi Sankyo 3 tablets
3 times a day
30 1,000 100.0 60mg 900mg 75mg 48mg 1.34mg 0.3mg 12mg 420mg
New Racuron Gold A fine granule
Komeda 1 packet
3 times a day
44 200mg 60mg 900mg 7.5mg 75mg 50mg 20mg 4mg
Benza-Block L Tablets
Takeda 3 tablets
3 times a day
30 24mg 7.5mg 75mg 450mg 135mg
Pylon PL Granule
Shionogi 1 packet
3 times a day
360mg 144mg 648mg 32.4mg
New Lulu-A Tablets
Daiichi Sankyo 3 tablets
3 times a day
50 1,500 90.0 24mg 60mg 900mg 75mg 1.34mg 48mg 240mg 24mg
Korgenkowa IB Transparent Capsule Alpha Plus
Kowa 2 Caps per time
3 times a day
18 1,500 250.0 24mg 60mg 3.5mg 60mg 200mg 15mg
Precor Sustained Capsules
Daiichi Sankyo 2 Caps
twice a day
12 1,000 250.0 12mg 60mg 450mg 7.5mg 75mg 118mg 300mg
Mucinex DM 12
(12hr) 1,200mg(600mg) 60mg(30mg)
Robitussin 12 Hour Cough Relief
(12hr) 400mg 20mg


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