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antiallergic drug

The following is a summary of four key points to consider when choosing an over-the-counter medication for hay fever(antiallergic drug)

1. antihistamines are the standard: Check oral medications first. Consider first- and second-generation antihistamines and herbal medicines, and choose the right one, paying attention to drowsiness and side effects. It is important to find a medication that suits you.

2. focus on ease of administration: Since over-the-counter medicines for hay fever are often taken daily, choose a type that is easy to take. Choose a form that suits you best, such as smaller tablets or chewable type. 3.

3. choose the right topical medication for your symptoms: nasal spray steroids and vasoconstrictors are effective for nasal symptoms. Choose anti-allergic eye drops for eye symptoms and throat sprays or ointments for throat and skin symptoms.

4. check the target age range for children: Hay fever medicines for children may have a limited target age range, so choose the right medicine for your child. Pay attention to the target age range for your choice.

Based on these points, it is important to choose the right over-the-counter medicine for hay fever for your symptoms and constitution. If you are concerned, consult a pharmacist or doctor to find more appropriate medication.

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