Sendai is the largest city in the Tohoku region and is located in Miyagi Prefecture. This city is attractive for its history, traditions, and rich nature, and is popular among tourists for its spots related to Date Masamune and its specialty foods.

First of all, Sendai is dotted with spots associated with Date Masamune, including the ruins of Sendai Castle and Zuihouden Hall, where visitors can follow in his footsteps. He unified the Tohoku region and is renowned for his exploits as a military commander of the Warring States period.

Gourmet food in Sendai is also attractive, especially beef tongue and zunda, which are popular local specialties. Visitors can enjoy not only sightseeing but also eating and drinking.

Each season in Sendai has its own charm, but spring and summer are sometimes especially recommended. It is considered to be the season when you can fully enjoy the "City of Trees" with its beautiful green young leaves and refreshing breezes.

If you want to take your time to enjoy sightseeing, a stay of one night and two days is recommended. For lodging, it is recommended to use hotels in Akiuo-Sakunami Onsen or Sendai City. If you plan to visit areas outside of Sendai, you should consider a stay of two nights or more.

To get around the sightseeing spots, it is convenient to use the "Loople Sendai" excursion bus. This bus runs at a frequency of 20 minutes or 15 minutes on weekends and holidays, allowing you to visit tourist attractions at your own pace. In addition, the "Loople Sendai/Subway Common One-Day Pass" offers discounts on entrance fees and food and beverage charges, making sightseeing even more economical.

Sendai is a city full of fascinating elements such as history, nature, and gourmet food, and offers many fun experiences for tourists; plan to stay at least one night and two days to fully enjoy Sendai's charms!

Here are some of Sendai's royal tourist spots! When you visit Sendai, be sure to check out the following spots.

1. Sendai Castle Ruins:
This is the site of Sendai Castle built by Date Masamune, and now you can see the stonewalls and the restored Otemon side turrets. You can also enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Sendai and take a picture with the statue of Date Masamune mounted on a horse. The museum also has a model of the castle and a CG theater where visitors can learn about the castle's history.

2. zuihouden: a shrine for the tomb of Date Masamune
The tomb of Date Masamune was designated a National Treasure in 1931, but was destroyed by fire during the war and later rebuilt. It is characterized by its luxurious and gorgeous construction, and its serene air and beautiful colors create an overwhelming atmosphere.

3. osaki hachimangu shrine: a shrine built by date masamune
This shrine was built by Date Masamune and is known as a power spot in Sendai. The shrine is worshipped as a god of good fortune, victory, and safe delivery, and its "main hall," "Ishi-no-Ma," and "hall of worship" are designated as national treasures. The main hall, Ishi-no-Ma (stone room), and the hall of worship are designated national treasures.

4. jozenji-dori street: a street lined with zelkova trees.
Lined with zelkova trees, this street is lined with cafes and general stores. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll while browsing through the fashionable stores. There are many attractive stores such as "Kisetsu," a gelato store using Tohoku's seasonal ingredients, and "Kazunori Ikeda Andivi Duel," where you can enjoy cute sweets.

These spots can be enjoyed as the main sightseeing spots in Sendai. Visit Sendai Castle and places related to Date Masamune to feel the history and culture of the city, as well as enjoy delicious food and shopping!