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When choosing a laxative, you should check the following four points

1. stimulant or non-stimulant, choose the type that suits you best: 1.
Laxatives are divided into stimulant and non-stimulant types. Stimulant laxatives stimulate and promote bowel movements and are suitable for stubborn constipation or slow bowel movements. Non-stimulant laxatives, on the other hand, stimulate bowel movements with a gentle action and are suitable for people who are prone to constipation or want to avoid sudden abdominal pain. 2.

2) For constipation caused by lack of intestinal function, intestinal regulators and lactobacillus-containing medicines are also options: In case of decreased intestinal movement, lactobacillus-containing medicines are also suitable.
When bowel movement is impaired, bowel regulators and lactobacillus-containing laxatives are effective in regulating bowel function. These medications regulate intestinal tone and promote bowel movements. 3.

3. if you have frequent constipation or multiple symptoms, improve your constitution with Chinese herbal medicine:.
If you have constipation as well as multiple other symptoms, you may want to choose a herbal medicine that contains ingredients that improve your constitution. Herbal medicines can work to improve your overall constitution. 4.

4. choose a tablet or a drink type that is easy for you to take:.
There are two types of laxatives: tablets and drinks. Tablets are convenient if you want to carry them easily and keep them in your bag, and choose one that tastes good and is easy to swallow. There is also a drink type that is convenient for busy days or emergencies, but be aware that you may easily taste the medicine.

Taking the above points into consideration, it is important to choose a laxative that suits your constipation condition and constitution. In addition, for long-term use or chronic constipation, it may be advisable to seek medical guidance.

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