Sapporo Sightseeing

Sapporo is the central city of Hokkaido and an attractive city with a wide variety of tourist attractions and gourmet foods. Below are some of the major tourist attractions and delicious gourmet foods you can enjoy in Sapporo.

Sightseeing Spots:

1. the Old Hokkaido Government Office Building (Akarenga Government Building): This is a beautiful retro building.
The beautiful retro building, designated as a National Important Cultural Property, is known as the "Akarenga Government Building. The tiles in front of the entrance are inscribed with the names of Hokkaido's places, giving the building a lovely atmosphere. It is a 10-minute walk from Sapporo Station, making it a perfect spot for a stroll.

2. the Sapporo Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill
The Sapporo Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill, where visitors can imitate the pose of Sapporo's iconic Dr. Clark, is a great photo spot that looks great on social media. You can also enjoy delicious sweets made from sheep's milk, so it is a good place to stop by during your sightseeing.

1. jingisukan: a traditional Hokkaido delicacy
Jingisukan is a typical Hokkaido delicacy, offering both meat and vegetables. Especially at Sapporo Beer Garden Jingisukan Hall, you can enjoy fresh beer and Jingisukan. Enjoy the luxurious taste typical of Hokkaido.

2. soup curry: a type of soup curry
Originating in Sapporo, soup curry is a delicious dish filled with vegetables and chicken in a light soup. It is popular among the locals, and Soup Curry Garakku is a restaurant where you can taste delicious soup curry. The spicy flavor is addictive.

3. ramen: a type of Japanese noodle
Ramen is synonymous with Hokkaido, and Sapporo has many famous restaurants. Saimi, in particular, is so popular that it has been made into a commercial product and people line up to get a table. Enjoy a variety of ramen while feeling the humanity of Sapporo.

Sapporo is a perfect city for a women's trip as there are many sights to see and a wide variety of delicious gourmet foods. Enjoy your wonderful trip in Hokkaido!