Hokkaido is a vast area covering about one-half of Japan's land area, and is a fascinating region with an abundance of beautiful nature and spectacular scenery. If you are traveling as an overseas trip, you can enjoy the night view of Hakodate, beautiful natural scenery, and enjoy gourmet food to the fullest. The entire Hokkaido region is divided into nine areas, and here are some of the attractions from a local's point of view.

1. Hakodate Area:
Hakodate is an area where visitors can enjoy beautiful night views, hot springs and seafood. The night view from Mt. Hakodate, a famous nightscape spot, is breathtaking and offers a romantic experience for a girls' trip. Hakodate is also a sightseeing spot where visitors can enjoy Western-style architecture and retro cityscapes.

2. Sapporo Area:
Sapporo is the central city of Hokkaido and offers a wide variety of sightseeing spots and gourmet food. Stroll around Odori Park, the Clock Tower and other tourist attractions, and enjoy Sapporo's delicious food and cafes. Especially in winter, Sapporo hosts the Snow Festival, where visitors can enjoy snow sculptures and illuminations.

3. Otaru Area:
Otaru is a charming tourist destination with its retro townscape and canals. Visitors can find stylish goods at glass studios and souvenir stores, or enjoy the elegant townscape on a canal cruise. Otaru is also a great area for travelers with its abundance of gourmet seafood.

4. Asahikawa, Furano and Biei Area:
Asahikawa, Furano, and Biei are areas where you can enjoy beautiful flower gardens and delicious agricultural products. Flower fields such as lavender and sunflowers will tickle your fancy. Also, Furano's jingisukan (Japanese mutton barbecue) and fresh vegetables are exquisite.

5. Shiretoko Area: 
Shiretoko is an area of rich nature where visitors can enjoy beautiful scenery and observe wildlife. Shiretoko is a rich natural area with beautiful scenery and wildlife, where you can enjoy activities such as trekking and river rafting, or simply relax in the natural hot springs.

6. Nemuro Area:
Nemuro is an area where visitors can enjoy fresh seafood and seafood bowls. In particular, Nemuro's crab dishes are exquisite, and you can enjoy a luxurious meal on your trip. Nemuro also has beautiful beaches and observatories, and nature walks are also recommended.

7. Akan/Mashu Area:
Akan and Mashu are rich in natural beauty, with many lakes and hot springs. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Mashu and Lake Akan and relax in the hot springs.

8. Tokachi area:
Tokachi is an area of vast land and beautiful scenery, where you can feel the great outdoors. In particular, Tokachigawa Onsen and Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill are perfect spots for your trip.

9. Wakkanai, Rebun and Rishiri Area:
Wakkanai, Rebun, and Rishiri are located in the northernmost part of Hokkaido and are rich in nature. Highlights include the pure white Rishiri Fuji and Rishiri Fuji Hot Springs.

Each area of Hokkaido offers sightseeing spots, gourmet food, and hot springs that are perfect for international travelers, and will provide you with a wonderful and memorable trip. Enjoy the charms of Hokkaido to the fullest!